Permitting and Environmental

American CuMo Mining Corporation

CuMo Project Permit Status

North American project development is governed by three levels of increasingly stringent analyses to evaluate the environmental impacts of proposed projects.

The CuMo Project and exploration team have completed the lower level permits and are currently working under the middle level permit. CuMoCo is currently in the process of gathering the required scientific information to advance to the next permit level, and to make informed, responsible and intelligent decisions.

American CuMo Mining Corporation

CuMoCo is committed to the sustainable development of natural resources. Environmental stewardship and responsible practices will guide all stages of exploration and development. With a long-term vision and proactive approach to addressing environmental issues, the Company is acting with integrity, meeting and exceeding all required permits and regulations, and is in full cooperation with state and federal regulatory agencies. CuMoCo is engaging an inter-agency task force to fully address any environmental concerns.

The CuMo exploration team maintained best management practices with respect to groundwater, hydrogeology and environmental protection in conducting its federally approved activities on private and public lands during previous exploration programs, and will continue these same practices into the future.

The Project region, Southern Idaho, is rooted in mining history and natural resource economies. A recent survey by Boise State University highlighted the overwhelming support of Idahoans for responsible mining with 80.4 percent of respondents affirming their belief that mining can be conducted without negatively impacting the environment. Local, state and federal governments have shown great interest in and are formally declaring their support for the CuMo Project. Furthermore, a shift to pro-development policies within federal agencies has created momentum for strategic minerals projects.