CuMo Project

CuMo is currently the largest un-mined open-pit molybdenum project in the world!

With the use of molybdenum in nearly every stainless steel product on the market today, the potential for this project is astounding.

American CuMo Mining Corporation intends to continue developing the CuMo Project in order to determine the potential of turning it into an operating world-class molybdenum mine. The goal is to produce a bankable feasibility study for the project within the next 3 to 4 years. This will involve additional drilling, environmental, engineering and metallurgical work. The work will provide the necessary information in order to make informed decisions on how to proceed with the development.

All proposed mine design and engineering will ensure a minimal impact of the CuMo Project on the environment. To date, research supports a sustainable project and has identified mitigations that address all possible environmental conditions. Tailings, waste dumps and the deposit footprint are relatively small compared to the area of existing disturbance. In fact, the project development should lead to an overall improvement in the environment rather than degradation.