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Molybdenum – The Multi-Use Alloy

Since it was discovered in the late 18th century, molybdenum has come to be used in numerous industrial products. Molybdenum is tough, durable and enhances steel in harsh environments where heat, pressure and corrosion are present. Due to its low toxicity, molybdenum is also a catalyst in energy production.

American CuMo Mining Corporation

Molybdenum: The in-demand safe and strong metal

Molybdenum concentrate, or sulfide, is usually roasted and converted to an oxide. The oxide, known as Technical Molybdic Oxide, is a corrosion-resistant, steel super-alloy that is used in pipelines, off-shore drilling, aerospace manufacturing, ship building and tar sands. The use of such Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) increases safety and efficiency in construction, while acting as a catalyst, reducing sulfur content in diesel, and boosting crop yields by as much as 30%.

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