Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation

Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation (ICMC) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of American CuMo Mining Corporation, a Canadian natural resource exploration and development company. ICMC is committed to conducting all exploration and development activities, present and future, in a manner that ensures a minimal impact on the environment. Every decision made by the development team is focused on designing an environmentally sound and socially responsible project.

ICMC subscribes to the philosophy that a long-term approach to business sustains a profitable exploration and development company. The resource industry can be extremely volatile and inherently impacts local and regional economies, environments and invested social groups. By strictly adhering to sustainable development principles, ICMC is investing in the long-term economic health of the company.

This lifecycle approach to business aims to leave a net positive imprint or, at the very least, a neutral impact on the geographic areas and lives touched by each of its projects. The company is committed to renewed production of minerals and the responsible development of natural resources by using regulatory and cost-benefit analysis tools to achieve balance on economic, environmental and social bottom lines.

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