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Welcome to the inaugural quarterly newsletter from American CuMo Mining Corporation (CuMoCo). In this issue, we highlight the latest news from the Company and the CuMo Project—the largest, un-mined molybdenum deposit in the world.


  • Appointment of New Directors
    Since the Special Meeting of October, 2012 and subsequent Annual General Meeting on December 28, 2012, the Company, under the direction of Chief Executive Officer Shaun Dykes, has been building a new and strong foundation, operating in a fiscally prudent manner and proceeding within budgets.
    Hongxue Fu, Executive Chairman and President, Director
    Shaun Dykes, Chief Executive Officer and Director
    Dr. Stanislaw Siewierski, Director
    Joseph Baird, Director
    Dr. John R. Moeller, Director
    Long Wang, Executive Vice-President and Director
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  • Significant Monies Recovered
    CuMoCo continues to liquidate the assets and equipment of its subsidiary Kirkness Diamond Drilling, which was purchased by the former management and diverted resources from the CuMo Project. CuMoCo is in the final stages of completing its full analysis of these previous transactions.
  • Idaho-CuMo_wordmarkEstablished Idaho CuMo Mining Corporaton
    CuMoCo established Idaho CuMo Mining Corporation in March to provide local management and oversight on the development of the CuMo Project. Idaho-based operation and leadership will provide greater access to relevant agencies and nurture state, local and community relationships.
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  • Introduced a New Company Name, Logo and Website
    We are pleased with the increased awareness that American CuMo Mining Corporation and our abbreviated name CuMoCo has generated.
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The outstanding groundwater issues are being resolved by an expert team on the supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) to address issues in the previously granted EA permit.

CuMoCo has one remaining drill hole from the 2012 drilling program to analyze and results should be available before the end of April. At that time, results for all drill holes will be released.

CuMoCo is planning and initiating the work to determine the methodology, sample protocols and reporting procedures for the environmental baseline work that is required for a Feasibility Study. All data collected will be fully documented, supported and backed by the various regulatory agencies.


  • Rocky Barber profiled CuMoCo in the Idaho Statesman
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  • MolyInvestingNews and Shaun Dykes Q&A
    Shaun Dykes discusses the new company name, management and progress of the CuMo Project.
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  • Investor Outreach and Awareness
    The Company has launched a unique Investor Relations campaign targeting brokers and mining analysts. To build on this campaign and outreach, senior management is making presentations and meeting with potential investors in North America, London and China to raise the financing to advance the CuMo Project towards a bankable Feasibility Study.

The cream will rise to the top! The lower prices of molybdenum make many of the high- cost producers unprofitable at the current prices of $11 to $12 a pound. In contrast, the CuMo Project, with its projected operating costs at less than $4 a pound, can be profitable.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of CuMoCo and the CuMo Project. We look forward to continuing to provide you with corporate updates and news.



Shaun Dykes M. Sc. (Eng.), P.Geo

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