Since the enactment of NEPA in the 1970s, many laws have been passed that support as well as restrict mineral exploration and development. American CuMo and its subsidiaries work closely with local, state and federal government officials to positively shape laws and regulations that support sustainable mining.

Most crucial to advocating policy changes is public input and engagement. It is our intent to provide timely and accurate information regarding policy developments with actionable items for stakeholders to effectively engage in the process.

Engagement tips


  1. Use these helpful links to identify the decision makers that will be most responsive to your concern.

Federally Elected Officials

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

State Elected Officials


State Legislators

  1. Develop a message that is clear and concise. Congressional members and their staff keep very busy schedules. To be most effective, convey messages as a short script or in written bullet points.
  2. Staff members often keep a tally of issue that are raised by constituents in emails, calls and meetings. This information goes into a report that is viewed by the elected official and senior staff. It takes is a few seconds of your time to advocate on behalf of mining and get the matter on your elected officials radar. Consider contacting relevant decision makers in one or more of the following ways:

Write Emails and Letters

Communicate with your elected officials via a clear and concise letter or email. Be specific about your concern and encourage them to act. If there is a specific bill in question, refer to it by name.

Meet Face to Face

Find your elected official’s website or contact information online then request a meeting or call the office, directly. Prepare some simple talking points for your meeting that address your concerns and any actions that you as a constituent are requesting. You do not need to be an expert on mining to discuss the importance of mining to you.

Call Your Elected Officials

Once you have your elected officials’ contact information, keep it on-hand. You can turn your idle time into advocacy time by placing short, frequent calls about matters that concern you. Be sure to give them your name, address and zip code as well as details on the matter and your concerns. Calls typically last fewer than 30 seconds-so call weekly.


2023-03-22 12:47pm EDT


Scientific research clearly demonstrates that the next generation of electric batteries will integrate the use of a combination of molybdenum and graphene/graphite. Molybdenum technology could replace cobalt and deliver at least 4 to 5 times more power than the cobalt-based batteries.

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